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Build a business that attracts your ideal clients, while working in your zone of genius

If you're ready to start using your gifts to serve your dream clients, it's time to...

  • Clarify who your Ideal Client is so that you know specifically who you help.

    ***I have a method for niching that feels open, freeing, and in alignment with who you are!

  • Create your compelling offer: so that you have a structured way to help your clients get the results they signed up for + ensure you are working in your zone of genius.

  • Dial in your messaging so that you consistently attract ideal clients who feel empowered to take action now.

  • Customize your marketing strategy: so that you enjoy creating and promoting your content.

  • Master your sales and onboarding process: so that signing clients feels like second nature.

  • Dive deep into your Human Design and Gene Keys: so that you build a business that is in alignment with who you are and how you operate.

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I know firsthand what it feels like to have a burning desire to use your skills and expertise to make an impact, while at the same time, not being clear on HOW to create that impact.

Maybe you are unclear about who you want to serve or how to structure an offer that helps your clients get the result they came for.

OR maybe you are pretty clear on these things, but you aren't as busy as you'd like to be.

As we work together 1:1, you'll get clear on: who you help, how you help them, and how to call in the people you were born to work with.

Well use Human Design + The Gene Keys as tools to accelerate your business success.

These two systems provide you with profiles based on your date, time, and place of birth. 

They offer powerful insights into:

1. What you came to this world to DO (your Life’s Work, Soul's-Mission, Zone of Genius)

2. How to best communicate what you do so that it resonates with the people who are meant to work with you right now (your differentiators/ unique selling proposition).

When you combines what your learn from your Human Design and Gene Key profiles with simple strategy you create the marketing edge that makes you stand out in the your industry.

Let me know...

Which one of these sounds like you?

    The New(ish) Coach/Solopreneur

    You're ready to start!

  • You're ready to put yourself out there but you find yourself procrastinating on starting

  • You have worked with some free clients and want to start charging, but your not sure where to find clients and how to attract them

  • You have an idea of who you help and how you help them, but you haven't fully owned your expertise and claimed your niche

  • You want to create a marketing message and compelling content that will give your business a strong start, you're just not quite sure what to say and where to start

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    The Striving Coach/ Solopreneur

    You're gaining momentum

  • You've been in business for a while and you've signed clients here and there, but your ready for more consistency

  • You're ready to create content that's on par with all of the coaches you look up to. You can't wait to listen to their podcast or read their posts. You want your audience to feel the same way about your content.

  • You're ready to voice your truest, boldest message, even if it means ruffling some feathers and you want some support while you do it

  • You want a consistent strategy that keeps you in your lane. No more getting distracted by what other experts are doing or constantly signing up for free trainings

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    The Seasoned Coach/ Entrepreneur

    Your business works and you want to up-level/refine

  • You have clients and business is going pretty well, but you find yourself daydreaming about working with a different type of client (potentially in a different niche than you currently serve)

  • You have an offer that sells but you want to revamp it so that it's more juicy and exciting to deliver

  • You want your content to call in the soul-aligned clients you fantasize about working with

  • You are ready to refine your business so that you are working with your ideal clients in your zone of genius

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I was at a crossroad in my business when I started working with Whitney. I was unhappy and planning to give it up. Through our coaching together and learning about my Human Design I realised why I felt so unhappy and lost. I was trying to run my business how I thought I “should” but that was out of alignment with who I am and what makes me happy. Consequently, there was not joy in it anymore – only heaviness and dread. Understanding my HD gave me permission to follow my gut in my business, and a knowing that following intuition and responding from my gut is my strategy for success. I now have my enthusiasm and spark back for my business, and I’m just feeling happier overall. I’ve realised that my business needs to be an authentic reflection of who I am, that I can show up every day as who I am, and don’t have to try to be someone else.

Vanessa W.

Life Coach

Whether you are new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, Human Design and the Gene Keys provide you with a unique Client Attraction Code.

Using your unique code in your business will help you consistently attract your soul-aligned clients--the people you were born to work with. 

Here's HOW...





    Your Human Design helps you:

  • Discover what you are here to DO:

    -Get clear on Your Life's Work

    -Identify your Ideal Client

    -Dial in your Niche

  • Own your natural strengths/gifts:

    -Solidify why you are the best person to coach your clients -Own your ability to help you client get results

    -Show up confidently

  • Understand why you face specific challenges:

    -Become aware of why you are facing specific hurdles in your business

    -Have a strategy to move forward with ease

  • Make good decisions by tuning into your intuition:

    -Make the best decisions for yourself and your business 

    -Avoid getting caught up in what other industry experts are doing 



    Your Gene Keys help you:

  • Get to know your zone of genius:

    -How to use your natural gifts to help your clients get results

  • Uncover your keys to prosperity:

    -Discover what trips you up the most along the way to making money in your business

  • Discover marketing themes that are unique to YOU:

    -Find out what your ideal clients need to hear right now in order to buy from you specifically

  • Become aware of the traps that keep you stuck in business (and life): 

    -How to move through them with grace


If you're like most people who land on this page:

+ You know you were born to help others

+ You're 100% committed to creating an impactful business

+ You have complete faith in your ability to manifest the business of your dreams

+ You are a proactive, dedicated, heart-lead person who knows you deserve the best

That's why I can't wait to introduce you to.....



A 12-week, 1:1, coaching program where you will implement your unique Client Attraction Code to start calling in your ideal clients.

This program is designed for Coaches and Solo/entrepreneurs in the personal/spiritual development space (life coach, health coach, business coach, energy worker, spiritual practitioner or guide etc.).

    This program combines Simple Strategy + Insights from your Human Design and Gene Key Chart's to help you:

    --Identify your Ideal Client

    --Identify your Zone of Genius

    --Refine your offer

    --Craft your marketing message

    --Get your marketing strategy up and running

    --Streamline your sales process

    Here's how we'll get everything done in just 12 weeks:

    PHASE 1: Clarity + Confidence

    Sessions 1-3

    We will explore your Human Design Chart in depth paying close attention to how each aspect of your chart relates to creating success in your business.


    By the end of phase 1 you will:

    --Have a clear vision for your business

    --Know your zone of genius

    --Understand your current pain-points + how we will work together to overcome them

    PHASE 2: Crafting your Offer

    Sessions 4-5

    We'll nail down the specifics of who you help and how you help them get results.

    We'll explore your Human Design Incarnation + your channels and you will learn what you came here to do in this lifetime (your Life's Work, soul-mission). 

    You will leave phase 2 with a solid offer

    PHASE 3: Your Marketing & Sales Strategy

    Sessions 6 + 7

    You'll decide on your primary marketing platform, freebie/lead magnet (if applicable), and call to action.

    We'll lay out your step-by-step process for getting clients on sales calls, communicating your offer, and enrolling new clients.

    You will tap into your Human Design Authority to make these decisions and leave phase 3 with a clear strategy.

    PHASE 4: Your Messaging 

    Session 8-10

    We'll craft your main marketing message and determine your brand positioning + style/vibe.

    We'll look at your Gene Keys Pearl Sequence + specific aspects of your Human Design Chart to determine what your people need to here from you right now in order to buy.

    You will leave phase 4 with a clear and compelling message and know your unique selling proposition. 

    Phase 5: Implementation


    We will use our time together to iron out anything that comes up as you implement. This time can also be used to work on your funnel, content ideas, or anything else you want extra support with.

    The Client Attraction Accelerator is a business coaching program with spiritual flare.

    As you master your marketing, you will also get to know yourself on a deep level and evolve into the next version of YOU.  

Here's what's included..

12 x 60min sessions with Whitney

(via zoom)

Each week we'll meet for 60 mins on zoom. These session are where the magic happens. We'll dive deep into your design and actually do the work to nail your niche, messaging, marketing and enrollment process. 

Fast-Track Option: 2x sessions per week for 6 weeks.

Email Support Between Sessions

Things come up as you begin to implement what we discuss on our calls. I'm here to help you when you need it.

Custom Resources

Everything we discuss will be complied into a shared file so you can easily access it anytime!

Book a call to learn about the 2 juicy bonuses you'll receive on top of this!

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This is for you if:

  • You’re a coach or entrepreneur who is ready to start signing soul-aligned clients

  • You are looking for expert coaching that combines insights from your Human Design and Gene Key profiles with guidance and strategy 

  • You are interested in exploring your Human Design and Gene Key Profiles independently between coaching calls so that you can discover your own insights

  • You want to create a business that is a reflection of you and allows you to work in your zone of genius each day

  • You know you could do this alone but you want to collapse the timeline of your results by working with a coach

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Hi! I'm Whitney,

+ I'm a ⅓ sacral Manifesting Generator in Human Design

+ In the Gene Keys, my Life's Work is: Guidance

+ I'm a mom to 2 kids + an Akita (dog) and wife to my wonderful husband

+ I love tea, chocolate and red wine

+ In another life, I'd be a midwife (one of my greatest accomplishments is the home birth of my son)

+ I'm a health nut (and former nutritionist)

+ I love to travel, watch home reno shows, and deep dive into all things personal/spiritual development.

+ Chatting with me is like talking to a close friend (with a dose of tough love when necessary!)

Come chat with me!


What if I don’t know my birth time?

You are still able to gain a lot of insight into your Client Attraction Code based on the consistencies that show up within the 24-hour period of your date of birth (+ location). I have a method for bringing together all of the information that applies to you, even without your exact birth time. Book a consult to discuss this further.

What's your coaching style?

I believe you are a powerful, intelligent person with the ability to access all of your own answers using your intuition. This is reflected in my coaching style as I guide you to find what is truest/best/most effective for you and your business.

Human Design and The Gene Keys give you insight into who you are and provide key components for business and marketing success, however, we always explore them with an open mind. You are always your own authority.

My coaching style combines the masculine aspects of strategy and accountability, with the feminine aspects of intuition and flexibility. 

How much time is required?

We will meet on zoom for 60 minutes a week, for 12 weeks. Self-study outside of the session is recommended (~90mins/week). The self-study goes hand in hand with working on your business and can likely be done during your "work-time".

Do you offer payment plans?

During your consultation, we will discuss a plan that works for you.

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