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Human Design Reading

Human Design is the Unique Blueprint of who you are. In just 90 minutes you'll learn:

  • Your unique strengths

  • The best way for you to make decisions

  • What motivates you

  • How to best use your energy

  • How to create more peace, success, satisfaction, and delight in your life


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Carly: 5/1 Reflector

"I have a new level of clarity and purpose to my life's path and a new sense of confidence and focus. In a world where I, as a fellow business owner, often find myself juggling multiple roles and navigating the complexities of growth, Whitney's guidance has been a beacon of light. Whitney was able to provide a customized route for me, one that resonates perfectly with my own energy".

Olya: 2/4 Emotional Projector

"I now have so much clarity and a full understanding of my potential. I feel more in alignment with my life path and decision-making now, as I understand myself on a deeper level with your guidance".

Human Design Reading Details:

90 Minute session

Human Design Chart + Custom PDF

Optional Zoom Recording

In your session you will discover: 

  • how to best use your energy to create satisfaction, peace, and success in your life

  • how to make wiser decisions that benefit you

  • how to know when you are in alignment or out of alignment in your life

  • your gifts/ strengths and how to use them to overcome your common pitfalls 

  • your life theme: what you are here to learn and do

  • your keys to prosperity, based on your profile

Have questions about yourself? Wonder why you are the way you are?

Curious about why some things come naturally, while other things feel like an uphill battle?

Want to know why you get along well with some people and just don't jive with others?


If you have questions, your Human Design Reading has answers.


Similar to other self-discovery tools, Human Design provides you with insights into who you are.


The difference is, it’s based on your birth day, time, & city, so, it is completely unique to YOU.


Unlike other personality profiling systems, Human Design does not categorize you into a tiny box.

Rather than narrowing down who you are, it opens you up to your true nature and potential.


Everything you learn in your reading is practical information that can be applied in your everyday life.


It’s all substance and no fluff.


There is no faster way to get to know yourself, overcome your challenges, and step into the most authentic version of YOU.

After your reading you will:

  • Be able to tap into your intuition more effortlessly.

  • Know how to make decisions that benefit YOU.

  • Be aware of why certain areas of life feel challenging and have a simple strategy to course-correct.

  • Know your strengths, identify where you are holding yourself back and have insight into how create what you desire in your life.



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Whitney structured the reading in a careful and considerate manner, going deeper in stages and engaging with me at each step. She was honest and interested in how my design aligned with my own understanding of myself. The reading started off with things I knew and could articulate; then into things I knew but couldn’t put my finger on as nicely; and eventually into a very deep vision of myself that resonated across multiple parts. It really helped me to have Whitney be the guide and witness to this process, as she is so perceptive and graceful in her approach. Human design was one tool in her arsenal, which she used as a means to an end: I felt her priority was engage with me on my unique journey.'


2/4 Splenic Projector

My session with Whitney was beyond valuable. In only a short time I came to know and understand myself on a deeper level and was able to connect the dots and make sense of certain patterns that I have encountered throughout my life. It’s given me confidence in my decision making and strengthened my feeling of acceptance for myself as a person and my own individual path.


3/5 Ego Manifestor

This is for you if:

  • You enjoy learning about yourself and want to know yourself as well as possible

  • You want to know your unique gifts and strengths and how to use them to improve your own life, and the lives of others

  • You are into personal development and ready to step into your highest potential

  • You want to feel confident showing up as your most authentic self in all areas of life

  • You want to make better decisions for yourself and your life

Hi! I'm Whitney,

+ I'm a ⅓ sacral Manifesting Generator

+ My Life's Work in the Gene Keys is: Guidance

+ I'm a mom to 2 kids + an Akita (dog) and wife to my wonderful husband

+ I love tea, chocolate and red wine

+ In another life, I'd be a midwife (one of my greatest accomplishments is the home birth of my son)

+ I'm a health nut (and former nutritionist)

+ I love to travel, watch home reno shows, and deep dive into all things personal/spiritual development.

+ Chatting with me is like talking to a close friend (with a dose of tough love when necessary!)

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What if I don’t know my birth time?

You are still able to gain a lot of insight into your Marketing Codes based on the consistencies that show up within the 24-hour period of your date of birth (+ location). I have a method for bringing together all of the information that applies to you, even without your exact birth time. Book a consult to discuss this further.

How much time is required

90 minutes on zoom.

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