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Human Design Foundational Reading $195

One 90-minute session: covers your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile & more!

The 8 Week Human Design Experience

This is where Human Design Readings meet Life Coaching!

Over the course of 8 weeks Whitney will guide you through all aspects of your chart. You will have the opportunity to bring attention to a specific challenge or area of growth, and improve that area of life using strategies specific to your design.

Please book a consult for details.

What people are saying...

"So much clarity and a full understanding of my potential. I feel more alignment with my life path and decision making now."

Olya 2/4 Emotional Projector

"A customized route for me, one that resonates perfectly with my own energy. I have a new level of clarity and purpose to my life's path, providing me with the necessary tools to pursue my dreams and aspirations with a new sense of confidence and focus"

Carly, 5/1 Reflector

Whitney structured the reading in a careful and considerate manner, going deeper in stages and engaging with me at each step. She was honest and interested in how my chart aligned with my own understanding of myself. The reading started off with things I knew and could articulate; then into things I knew but couldn’t put my finger on as nicely; and eventually into a very deep vision of myself that resonated across multiple parts. It really helped me to have Whitney be the guide and witness to this process, as she is so perceptive and graceful in her approach. The human design chart was one tool in her arsenal. I felt her priority was to engage with me on my unique journey."

Dan, 2/4 Splenic Projector 

My session with Whitney was beyond valuable. In only a short time I came to know and understand myself on a deeper level and was able to connect the dots and make sense of certain patterns that I have encountered throughout my life. It’s given me confidence in my decision making and strengthened my feeling of acceptance for myself as a person and my own individual path."

Jen, 3/5 Ego Manifestor

Whitney Coupland, Certified Coach

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